…just because I’m NOT pious..

Published January 13, 2012 by ladykat3

Architecture is the most difficult of professions, and he who practice it.. must be pious.” —,Mimar Sinan, Muslim architect

Somehow that quote echoed in my mind..seriously, am I truly targetting for this profession? ~~(~i’m not pious)

My lecturer used to say that people would extremely agree with ‘Architecture is the most difficult of professions’ ,but the next line is a lil bit ….=,=(…….)….but at least every1 can try…

Just finished my  1st semester …and I’m kinda…huh!!=,=

I need to pamper myself …



no kidding..my drafting table has been my pillow…

 credit to: freelancerguru.com   ….=)


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